The Best Fashions for Muscular Men

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Having a stocky body is practically the dream of almost every guy in the world. In addition to a healthy body mark, the stocky body has its own charm in the eyes of girls. In order for the attraction to radiate, then you must understand outfit what if fit to wear sturdy boys. Here are lists of outfits for you big-built version of seasonoutfit

  1. Dark T-shirt


By wearing a dark t-shirt it will become more and more macho. Choose a very dark T-shirt and bodyfit tshirt, especially black.


  1. Sweatshirt


The second outfit that suits you the owner of a stocky body is try to wear sweatshirt. Knitted shirt with this long-sleeved model makes your body muscles clearly printed. Try selecting a sweatshirt with dark colors and a suitable model of muscle. Wear it mandatory with ripped jeans and mix with boots, to make it look more macho.

  1. V-neck t-shirt


Some say the v-neck shirt is not fit to wear a boy, because it can make the appearance more ‘feminine’. But for you who have muscular body muscular, especially in the chest then v-neck shirt is the right choice. The low collar pieces of the V-shape will highlight the sexiness of your carved chest

  1. Tanktop


If you have sturdy shoulders and arms that are stocky, then try to use the following T-shirt model. Tanktop will make your muscles more real and sexy. Use only when you’re exercising or when you’re hanging out to the beach.

  1. Poloshirt


Poloshirt may be the right choice for you who want to lighten your muscular body that has been sculpted. Poloshirt can make your appearance look neat but still relax. Choose poloshirt with the right size.

  1. Blazer


Blazer with cutting-fit muscles make the appearance more sexy, especially if your biceps muscle is clearly printed on the arm blazer that fits in the body.

  1. Henley shirt


By using Henley clothes then it looks will look more macho. Put on the right Henley clothes on your body

8. Long sleeve shirt


Choose a long-sleeved shirt that fits, because this shirt model was created specifically to highlight the sculpture of your body. To be more sexy, you can choose a shirt with a plaid motif or can shirt a plain motif with dark colors.


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