The Simple Ways to Be More Attractive in The Eyes of Women

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All of men want to look sexy in the eyes of women, but sometimes they are confused how and where to start. Apparently there are some simple things that can be done a man to look more attractive in the eyes of every woman.

  1. Do not force to grow a mustache and beard if you don’t have sideboards genetic.


Thin mustache is forced to be very annoying like the photo above, so please do not force you too hard to get the impression manly by growing a mustache or beard. Being a man with a slicker face is better than a half-pint man.

  1. Replace your patterned T-shirt with henley.


Please from now you must buy a plain t-shirt, or henley shirt. If you do not know what a henley shirt please see the picture above.

  1. Choose more slim jeans on your legs


Buy more slim jeans, essentially not as big as the cheap baggy jeans you usually get in department stores. But remember not too tight, because you will look like a kid at your age that is no longer young.

  1. Don’t use your white socks


There is no reason to wear white socks unless you are a schoolboy. Burn all your white socks.

  1. Do not use your tennis shoes unless you are Steve Job


Never again do you use your tennis shoes when out of the house, tennis shoes are only used for playing tennis. Replace your tennis shoes with simple sneaker shoes or desert boot. And better yet you use sandals rather than your tennis shoes.

  1. Roll your shirt properly


Roll your shirt properly, for a guide on how to roll your long sleeved shirt please see the picture above.

  1. Standing upright


Your posture shows your confidence, stand up straight with your chin staring forward. Women love confident men.

  1. Stick your hair well


By making your hair look neat will certainly make you look more elegant. This will certainly attract the attention of women.

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