80s inspired fashion that are trending right now

80s Inspired Fashion That Are Trending Right Now

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The 80’s have some notably interesting fashion that will always inspire a lot of people. However, these days, some styles borrowed from the hay days of 80’s fashion are coming back. Want to be a part of the trend? Here are some ideas on how to wear 80’s inspired fashion without making yourself look weird.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs-2
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Fanny packs came in different styles and colors. Today, the accessories that used to be a joke has made a come back that is stronger and more chic than ever. Not as odd and quirky, they are now very convenient and stylish.

Pegged and Belted Jeans

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Choose a mom jeans instead of skinny jeans and peg the bottoms of your jeans. Don’t forget to put a belt on the waist of your jeans. With a pair of heels, this cool 80’s look will be yours.

Denim Jackets

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Denim jackets were basically everyone’s must-have fashion item in the 80’s. And now? Well, you can still basically use the outerwear for anything from casual fashion to high fashion. Wear it with a skirt and legging for the perfect spring outfit.

Big Turtlenecks

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For a chilly day, wear a big turtleneck that definitely gives you the 80’s look.

Shoulder Pads

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Celebrities and public figures popularized shoulder pads that had since become synonymous with the 80’s. now you can still adopt them for an elegant structure to your look.

Power Suits

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Back in the 80’s, businesswomen loved wearing power suits with sharp cut. Choose your favorite monochromatic suits for the powerful 80’s vibe.

Bright Colors

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The 80’s weren’t afraid of colors, so celebrate it by choosing bright colors!

Crop Tops

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Midriff-baring shirts were also very huge in the 80’s, where pop stars like Madonna made them a staple of their fashion items. Today, crop tops are still relevant, no matter what styles you prefer.

Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazer-1
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Wearing an oversized blazer as a cardigan is a part of 80’s trend. Use it to give a final touch for your graphic tee and denim shorts.

Animal Print

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The 80’s were basically all about animal prints in coats, pants, and other items, but mostly coats. You can incorporate it into modern street style by combining it with a sleek dress and minimal accessories.

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