Makeup ideas for women with green eyes

Makeup Ideas for Women With Green Eyes

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Green eyes are very beautiful, but a bad eye makeup can go so wrong that it suppresses the wonder of your eyes. Looking for the most gorgeous makeup ideas to make your green eyes stand out? Look at some of these ideas for eye makeup.

Warm Bronze

3-warm bronze
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The easiest makeup guide to follow when dealing with green eyes is to always choose warm colors, like bronze and gold. This bronze eye shadow works really beautifully for green eyes.

Green and Gold

2-green and gold
Source: ciaobellabody

For a sparkling smoky look, tone delicate shadows of green and gold with thicker eye lining. Sweep the shadows in an arched pattern toward the end of the eyes. This look is bold, glamorous, and sexy.

Playful Purples

3-playful purple
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Purples and greens always go well together. Purple eye shadows and violet eyeliners will make your beautiful green eyes stand out.

Two-toned Smokey Green

2- two-toned green
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This green smokey eye makeup is a gorgeous look with two toned green shadows and a bronze swept underneath to add the shimmer.. The dark thin liner harmonizes the combination.

Peach Blush

3-ppech blush
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Who thinks peaches and blushes are actually the secret for a wonderful makeup idea for green eyes? Using peach blush cream or powder, you can make your color pop out.

Red-based Eye Shadows

3-red based shadows
Source: allwomenstalk

Play with the color red for your eye shadows when you have green eyes. Red-based makeup colors bring out the beautiful green a lot more effectively than, say, blue-based eye shadows.

Purple and Gold

1-purple and gold
Source: makeuptutorials

Combine a deeper purple shadow color and a bit of gold at the center to make your green eyes light up. The color makes the green of your eyes more pronounced.

Natural Look

2-natural look
Source: ciaobellabody

Aim for this natural makeup look for green eyes by applying a deeper line on the top and mascara. Adds some shadow in the crease for a more blended and subtle look.

Wings and Pink Glitters

1-pink glitters
Source: makeuptutorials

If you need a dramatic eye makeup look, use contrasting colors for your green eyes like red or orange colors. Glitters will add to the dramatic effect of the contrast.

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