15 Fashion Tips for Women to Look Taller

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For most of women long legs are the part of beauty. Long legs can make you look taller. It seems a need to make you more confident in doing activity outside. To look taller, it can be said that proper outfit is the key. Actually, there are some effort that can be done to look taller.Here are several things you can do, especially if you are a short.

  1. Monochrome Outfit is Best to Make You Look Taller

1. monochrome
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Wearing monochrome outfit is very useful to make you look taller. Choose the same color between the top and jeans are good for your look.

  1. Heels and Platforms are Your Best Friend

2. heels
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To add your height, always wear highheels or platforms wherever you go. It benefits to beautify your feet as well. If you wear them all day long, your feet may will be hurt. Therefore, rest the palm of your feet when you are at home by wearing flats.

  1. Flats are Always Fit with Mini Skirts or Under Knee Dresses

3. flashoes
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If you want to wear flats to go outside for comfort, just combine them with a mini skirts or under knee dresses. This is useful for your legs look long and beautiful.

  1. High-waisted Jeans are Perfect for Your Look

4. high waist
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It’s okay if you have short legs, but it doesn’t mean you should show them to  others. You can get it around by wearing high-waist jeans in order to make your legs look long and beautiful.

  1. Maxi Skirt with Sexy Opening to Show Your Legs


5. sexy opening skirt
Source : Glam Radar
5. sexyskirt
Source : Wedding Diggest Kenya

If you like wearing maxi skirt or long dress, just do it. It’s best for you to choose maxi skirt or long dress with sexy opening to show your beautiful legs. It also benefits to avoid short apperance on you.

  1. Avoid Wearing Long Cardigan or Tunic that Will Make You Look Shorter

6. tunic
Source : Extra Petite

If you are short should not wear long cardigan or tunic. This type of clothing will make you go down and look short.

  1. Fitting Your Clothes before You Buy Them

7. fitting
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Clothes that are big or too small will make you uncomfortable. Fitting them to make sure that its size fit for you.

  1. Thin Belt to Make Your Waist Narrower and Neat

8. thin belt
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Wearing a belt is great for making your waist looks narrower and neat. In this case, a small belt is good to make you look slimmer and taller.

  1. Always Choose Vertical Stripe to Make You Look Taller

9. stripe
Source : Stellar Magazine

Stripe dress always stay in fashion. Almost everyone likes it, but it would be nice if you wearing a vertical stripe dress to have tall impression on you.

  1. Ankle Tied is not Recomended

10. ankle tied
Source : Shoe Tease

To make your legs look longer, let them free without straps like ankle tied. Just wear shoes that open at the ankle.

  1. V-Neck Blouse Will Make You Taller

11. v-neck
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If you are short, avoid wearing tops with high cleavage or turtle neck blouse. Precisely, V-neck blouses are better and show your beautiful neck.

  1. Matching Color of Jeans and Shoes are Good For You

12. matching shoes
Source : justhedesign.com

Other tips to make you look taller is wearing the same color on shoes and jeans. This way will make your legs look longer.

  1. Fitted T-Shirt to Have a Nice Look

13. tight shirt
Source : Wheretoget

Loose t-shirts are comfortable to wear. However, if you are concerned about your appearance when you go outside, it’s best to wear a fitted t-shirt. As long as the size fits, you’ll stay feel comfortable.

  1. Avoid Wearing too Long Jeans

14. too long jeans
Source : Multimalvax

Too long jeans won’t make your legs look longer. Instead, this will make you look short. Wear pencil jeans fit in your ankle is nice.

  1. Up Your Hair to Make You Look Taller

15. up hair buns
Source : tiehow.com

The last tip for you to look taller is by lifting your hair up with tie. This way is very useful to make you look taller and show your beautiful neck as well.

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