Tips on Choosing Watches according to Skin Color and Hand Shape

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Watches are one of the commonly used accessories to complement the appearance and also as a hint of time. But outside of that watch is often a basic requirement in accompanying daily activities due to the many functional features that are inserted in the watch. The method used to select watches varies either because of the need for the functions in the watch, unique models or designs, or because of the color that suits the desire. Here are some tips on choosing watches according to skin color and hand shape.

Bright skin


For fans of watches that have bright skin, there is no limit to choosing a watch. All colors will fit by the owner of bright colors, but dark and bold colors such as red, black, dark blue, or brown will look nicer because of the contrast with the bright skin tone.

Dark Skin


For users of watches that have gelatin skin or mature brown color, it must be clever to choose because bright colors such as yellow, green, or red can make the appearance of being tacky. So choose a neutral and soft color like maroon, beige or gray.

Medium Skin


For the owner of medium skin or skin color is not bright and not also dark, then the watch users can also be free to choose the color of the watch of course can be tailored to the clothes used or activities to be done.

Small Wrist


Watches users with small wrists should choose a watch with a small strap and also small bezel because in general a small wrist is identical with a thin person. Avoid wearing watches with wide straps and big bezels.

Wrist Large and Wavy


Users of watches that have this type of hand, avoid using strappy watches and small bezel. Because, watches like that would be seen drowning in your hands. Instead, choose a medium to long wrist strap, the material is not too thin, and bezel hours are medium to large.

Muscular Hand Form


Muscular hand shape will fit with a sporty and masculine watch model. Avoid the use of stainless steel or chrome clock, bracelet, and cloth. Because it will look not comparable

Proportional Hand Form


Proportional hand-sized owners are those with proportional body weight that is not very fat / thick fleshy, and not very veined or muscular and who has this type of hand suited to a medium-size clock.

Wide and Flat Hand Shape


This form of hands will be more free to choose the shape of the watch either big or small. But it would be more beautiful if using bracelet wristwatch with rope material such as stainless steel than leather straps or canvas.

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