8 stylish ways to wear a blazer for different occasions

8 Stylish Ways to Wear A Blazer for Different Occasions

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A nice blazer is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. However, do you wear your blazers only for professional setting? Then you’re clearly missing out. A blazer is actually a very versatile fashion item. You just can mix and match it with other clothes for the most interesting fashion of your choice. Here are some ideas on stylish ways to wear a blazer for different kind of fashion and different occasions.

The Classic Monochromatic Office Look

1-monochromatic office look
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One of the oldest known office hack is by pairing a blazer with your everyday office wear for a stylish formal look. Monochromatic is the easiest way to go. With tailored trousers and flirty or cute top underneath, dressing for work doesn’t have to be a such a chore!

Crop Top and Skirt Even If It Isn’t Summer

2-crop top and skirt
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You don’t have to wait for summer to wear your favorite crop top and skirt combo. Going for a dinner date but it’s a bit cool tonight? Wear a pretty blazer for the warmth and extra cuteness.

Make It More Interesting with Print

1-leopard print
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Again, a blazer doesn’t have to be a bore. For more personality, choose a blazer with leopard print that you can wear over your simple dress to color things up.

The Perfect Fall Fashion

2-maxi skirt
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Your maxi skirt will be perfect for a fall outfit when you wear a blazer over your top. Warm and elegant!

Make Edgy Jeans More Polished

1-edgy denim
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Distressed denim jeans is the favorite street style of many people. To make it a bit more polished for a dinner date or a lunch meeting with clients? Wear a blazer over your shirt and complete the look with heels and clutch. So transforming!

Transform Your Summer Dress with A Blazer And Tights

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Loving all your cute summer dresses and want to wear them all year round? Wear a blazer and tights to easily transform the lighter material into something warmer and more protective against the wind and temperature.

Pair It with Ankle Boots and Fishnets

3-ankle boots and fishnet
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Aim for an outstanding, unforgettable look? Wear a blazer over a cashmere turtleneck, get your latex skirt, and wear a pair of fishnets under your ankle boots. Put on a striking red lipstick for a final touch.

Wear It As an Underlayer for A Colder Weather

1-oversize vest
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Wear a blazer under an oversize vest when the temperature drops. It’s a stylish way to stay warm!

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