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9 Best Job Interview Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

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Going to a job interview always causes a nervousness. You want to present yourself in the best light possible, including through your appearance. Choosing the right interview outfits and the complementing interview hairstyles can be tricky. Here are some of the best interview hairstyles ideas for your coming interview schedule.

French Braided Up-do

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Neatly done and interesting braids always gives attracts positive attention, the best thing you want in a job interview. This unique and novel approach to the traditional French braiding style adds a strong individuality to your personal style, which helps your branding when meeting new people.

Half Up-do

2-half updo
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This half-up, half-down, interview hairstyle works for straight, wavy, and even curly hair. It highlights professionalism and works with just about any outfit.

French Twist Up-do

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Remember all the boss ladies in the 80’s? This hairstyle was popular back then. You can adopt this serious and professional look as your interview hairstyle. To secure your up-do, use a finishing spray and pins.

Ballerina Bun

2-ballerina bun
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It’s chic, tidy, low maintenance, and stylish at the same time. Wrap your hair around a mesh hair donut and use grips to pin the style. This celebrity-look is easy to adopt!

Long Hair with Little Braids

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Show off your long and glorious locks by letting it loose. Add some little braids to make you look different. The interviewers will easily remember you!

Simple Sleek Ponytail

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Want to look bright, confident, matter of fact and extremely organized? This interview hairstyle will deliver. Style your hair sleek in a simple low ponytail and go.

Side Sweep

2-side sweep
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Show off your luscious long hair to the job interview. Sweep your hair to one side and use bobby pins to keep it in place. This works the best for wavy and curly hair!

Shorter Ponytail with A Side Braid


If you work in the creative industry or in any industry where individuality and personality matter, choosing an interview hairstyle with a highlight like this will emphasize your personality. Just by adding a cute side-braid to your ponytail, you will look sophisticated and fun-loving.

Simply Straight Hair

2-simple straight hair
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Finally, if you don’t like to experiment with different interview hairstyles, the classic simple and straight hair is always an option. Let your long hair tucked behind your ears to look neat and sophisticated.

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