Lob Hairstyles You Will Love Rightaway

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Lob is a bob hairstyle that the lenght is longer than traditional bob. It can be said that lob hairstyle is not too long and also not too short. As you recently see many girls who like to go to their hair styler to request this hairstyle. So, if you are also interested, make sure it will fit with your face shape to have nice result that you will love rightaway. Maybe some of the pictures below are for you.

Long Lob Hairstyle

1. long lob hair
Source : Pinterest
1. long lob bob2
Source : Pinterest

If you have long hair, it’s time to transform your look by having long lob hairstyle. This hairstyle won’t make your hair stlyer cuts your hair too much. It helps you look more fresh and elegant at the same time.

Innocent Blunt Lob Hairstyle

2. blunt lob
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2. blunt lob2
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For those of you who don’t want a steep haircut, blunt lob hairstyle is the right one for you. Even sometimes, it can show that you are girl who loves simplicity.

Medium Lob Hairstyle

3. medium lenght
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3. medium lenght2
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Lob hairstyle with medium length on the shoulder is also a nice choice to have. Just let your hair free or take it for styling is up to you.

Lob Hairstyle with Bangs

4. bangs
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4. bangs2
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Some girls believe bangs on their forehead can make them look youth and cheerful. You can also combine lob haistryle with adorable bangs. This might make you want to see your hair frequently on the mirror to enjoy your nice look.

Straight Lob Hairstyle

5. straight lob
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5. straight lob2
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This is about styling that will make you more confident. Wavy lob or straight lob are pretty to have. If you like straight hair, it will show the layer cuts on your hair. If necessary don’t hesitate to blow your hair to make it looks volume.

Ombre Lob Hairstyle

6. ombre lob hair
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6. ombre lob hair2
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You can also play on coloring to make your hair look more dazzling. Trending hair coloring technique right now is ombre. The color is also various depending on your favorite, such as caramel color in combination with black and blonde, etc. Just try it, then you cannot help yourself to reach your own hair.


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