The Clothes Colors that Should Be Avoided by Dark-Skinned Women

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Choosing clothes according to style and personality can indeed support the appearance. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the problem of color blend as well. Of course choosing the color of the clothes should also be adjusted to your skin color as well. Then what color should be avoided?

Tosca Blue


Choosing a color combination is not easy. But if you already know very well what color is not suitable for your dark skin is certainly not a big problem anymore. One of the colors that should be avoided by the dark skin owner is tosca blue. The tosca blue color does not match your dark skin.



Bright colors like orange are not suitable for dark-skinned women. You will look very striking.



Stay away from wear yellow clothes if you have a dark culinary. The yellow color is very contrary to the color of your skin.



One of the colors that should be avoided by the dark skin owner is black. The black color is too in harmony with your dark skin tone. Instead of making your appearance look bright, wearing a black shirt will actually make your appearance even darker.

Dark Chocolate


Ever tried using a combination of dark brown color? If you do have dark skin, you can be sure your looks look dull and make the appearance like less excited. In addition, dark brown color does not create a cheerful aura in you that already has a dark skin tone.



This magenta color includes colors that are hard to blend with the skin. If you have dark skin color you should avoid wearing clothes or wearing magenta’s color combination. Maybe magenta looks bright and attractive worn by the white owner. But, believe me for dark skin it will only make your appearance impressed tacky.



Turquoise color is indeed beautiful when viewed. Even if you have dark skin it would be better to wear a shirt with baby blue, but not with this turquoise color. Turquoise color blend is only suitable for you who have the color white or light skin. If you have dark skin tone and force wearing a combination of turquoise shirt color, it will further highlight the color of your dark skin

Light Green


Almost the same as the turquoise color, you who have dark skin tone will look darker if you choose this light green coat combination.


2 thoughts on “The Clothes Colors that Should Be Avoided by Dark-Skinned Women

  1. Your advice regarding dark colours dark-skinned people should avoid, only holds true if your culture has taught you to be afraid of or denigrate darkness. Your comment that the dark clothing makes dark people look darker was stated with the assumption that this is a bad thing. Your encouragement to wear bright colours because it would make dark-skinned people look brighter, continues an inference that looking brighter/whiter is a positive and desired thing while appearing dark or darker is negative and should be avoided.

    As an Afrikan woman with the typically beautiful dark skin common to us, I find your advice steeped in the distorted, dichotomous thinking of most people who follow the cultural norms, biases, beliefs, and superstitions of pale people-groups and their strange views regarding bright/light/white representing goodness and positivity and dim/dark/black representing evil and negativity. Consequently, I consider your advice inappropriate for those of us blessed with eumelanin–the darkest and most powerful form of melanin.

    You are, of course, entitled to you opinion. When it comes to beauty aesthetics, however, whenever the beauty aesthetics of one people-group are imposed upon another–regardless of which group the “advisor” belongs to–such advice is lacking in knowledge and appropriateness. You’re free to give your advice but it is unqualified and not worthy of respect.

    We rock clothing that is black in colour, clothing that is brown in colour, and a slew of other dark hues. I disagree that I look darker (I actually wear white for that effect!), but if I did look darker then BUYAH! It would mean I look more powerful; that my femininity is magnified; and that I exude the essential elements of life.

    In other words, I’m not afraid of the dark.

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