Outfit ideas for women who work as a teacher

Outfit Ideas For Women Who Work As A Teacher

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Teachers are one of the role models for their student. That is why a teacher should dress elegantly. As a teacher, you also need to consider an outfit that is stylish and make you feel comfortable to wear. All you need is some outfit inspiration to look best and comfortable during your teaching time.

Casual Blue and Brown Ensemble

Casual blue and brown ensemble

Wear a knee length shirt  with a long sweater cardigan (if the weather is a bit cold in spring) and a matching long shoes and also a bag to is a great outfit to look inspirational for student.

Bold Retro Look

Bold retro look

Don’t be afraid to wear bold and exciting colors during your work to get more fun outfit to wear; neon or turquoise color.

Sophisticated but Casual Outfit with Blazer

Sophisticated but casual outfit with blazer

Wearing blazer is perfect for teachers, because there are a variety of colors that you can choose. And also you can pair them with many different styles; a green knee length skirt, white shirt with black polka dots and blaze.

Pink Flared Top and White Trousers

Pink flared top and white trousers

If you want to look more mature, go on with flared tops. You can also add some accessories such as pink necklace, bags and shoes to compliment your look.

 Denim and Stripes Outfit

Denim and stripes outfit

Consider to wear knee length skirts that can be paired with matching top or contrasting top. A knee length skirts with a denim jacket is one of the best option that you can try, just like in the picture above.

Casual Skinnies Idea

Casual skinnies idea

Polka dot top & Cardigan with Skirt 

Polka dot top & cardigan with skirt

Don’t be afraid to play with polka dot. For a simple look, copy this style above; a polka dot top with skirt.

Polka Dot Top with Skinny Jeans

Polka dot top with skinny jeans

Or combine your polka dot top with jeans for a funky look. Also consider to add a matching accessories to enhance your outfit.

Tailored Blazer and Pencil Skirt

Tailored blazer and pencil skirt

Tailored blazer and pencil skirt will instantly evoke a classic look.

Stylish Look to Go to Work

Stylish look to go to work

Try to wear a white V-neck shirt with a grey pants and brown coat for a simple but still make you look stylish.

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