8 Must-Have Items Before You Turn 30

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Make sure that many of you who are above 30 years old do not really pay attention to what’s in your wardrobe, for that Seasonoutfit is here to give you tips for you before your age is in 30 years old. Here are lists of men’s fashion items that all men must have before 30! It might be time to go shopping!

  1. Tailored full Suit


Choose  fairly neutral and dark colors, such as jet black, navy blue or gray. If you are a bit confused with the style of wearing the right coat, you can check how to use the suit jacket with a man’s suit.

  1. Some nice Blazers


Blazer is one of the items that is very convenient for men, unlike the full suit from top to bottom already looks very formal, Blazer serves to give a formal and neat impression for casual outfit.

  1. Expensive Watch For The Occassion


Many men are not aware of the importance of quality watches in their outfits, but it’s time you know what makes watches one of the most important things to have, especially when you’re already in your 30s.

  1. Smart Formal Leather Shoes



Formal leather shoes such as pantofel is very important role for men. Just like a full suit, although not in use for everyday wardrobe, but formal shoes are very important to accompany you in formal occasion.

  1. Comfortable Chino Pants


Chino is one of the most useful complementary items to wear in almost any occasion and is very important for men’s fashion. Chino pants that made from cotton twill is very flexible and comfortable in use.

  1. A Stylish and Sturdy Pair of Boots


Boots are one of the most crucial items for men to have. You can mix and match these shoes with almost any style, from casual styles to t-shirts and jeans to semi-formal styles with shirts and blazers.

  1. A Legitimate Leather Wallet


When we talk about Men in late 20’s-30’s definitely will not come off with this one item. Many men do not really care about small things like changing their personal belongings, especially wallets. Seasonoutfit advise to select timeless colors, such as brown skin, black, navy blue and natural light brown.

  1. A Long Lasting Leather Belt


I’m sure almost all of you already have this item, leather belt can be categorized in 3 top level most important item to have for men fashion.

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