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9 Best Long Hairstyles for Men that Boosts Attractiveness

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Don’t hesitate to let your beautiful hair grow. Today, in an increasingly relaxed professional environment, and with the more options to look presentable, long hairstyles for men are very common. There are a variety of long hairstyles that you can choose to make you look more attractive. Here are some of the examples.

Shoulder Length Side Swept

1-shouder length side
Source: therighthairstyles

This long hairstyle enables men to embrace their carefree mature, but also with a touch of maturity. It works for professional setting, but it also suits the boys-will-be-boys style. Part a side of the hair deeply and sweep a large section of hair to one side.

Undercut with Side-Swept Long Hair

Undercut with side-swept longer hair
Source: therighthairstyles

This long hairstyle for men works magic for guys with thick and wavy hair. Don’t cut the hair all short, just let part of it free on top. Sweep the top to one side and use styling products of your choice like mousse.

Man Bun

Man bun
Source: theidleman

Man bun was thought to be a sheer passing trend when it first became popular, but the popularity of this twisted knot hairstyle hasn’t died down up to these days. There are multiple ways to rock your man bun, so don’t hesitate.

French-braided Hair

Long braided hair
Source: therighthairstyles

Want to express your chic side? Try this long hairstyle for men where you make a French braid in the middle. This is especially cool when you want to show off a new, striking color.

Highlighted Curls

Highlighted curls
Source: therighthairstyles

If you are lucky to be born with a naturally tight curls, show them off. One of the best hairstyles to put your glorious curls in the spotlight is by letting it grow freely and putting a highlight. Choose some shampoo and styling products that enhance and define your curls.

Half-up Pony

Half-up pony
Source: therighthairstyles

Kurt Cobain, anyone? You can adopt his cool style with this 90’s inspired semi-bun. Divide your hair into two sections and tie up the upper section with a hairband.

Low Dread Ponytail

Low dread ponytail
Source: mcutts

Want to style your dread easily but also appropriately? Use simple accessories like beads or shells to tie the low ponytail that is twisted to each side of your head.

Silk Press

Silk press hair
Source: pinterest

Yes, the hairstyle that used to be popular in the heavy metal scene can still be cool today. Just make sure that when you choose this long hairstyle for men, you use heat protectant when pressing out your hair.

Colored Long Bang

Colored long bang
Source: menshairstylescc

Want to express yourself in a more genderfluid, funky way? Sport this long bang but add a crazy color combination to it. Use a curler to add accent and be ready to be the cutest and most interesting person in the room!

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