Mix and Match White Plain T-Shirt to Look Cool in The Eyes of Women

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Plain white T-shirt, this one item is an essential wardrobe that must be owned by every man. Although very popular and commonly used as superiors, but who would have thought if at first white plain t-shirts only serve as underwear in men. This one item can be mixed and match into various styles with a wide selection of items. To help you, Seasonoutfit will help you create a stand-out look for everyday style inspiration using a plain white t-shirt. Check it out carefully, because you’ll need it!

  1. Leather jacket and plain white T-shirt


You just put on a white shirt along with a leather jacket. The leather jacket will make your appearance look more masculine and macho.

  1. White T-Shirt, Jeans, and Sneakers


You just need to use a plain white shirt with brightly colored jeans, and white sneakers. Choose a white shirt that is fit in size and longer than your waist. Do not forget to roll a little tip of your jeans to make your appearance look more cool.

  1. Match Your White Plain T-Shirt With Bomber Jacket


Combine your plain white shirt with bomber jacket, choose a dark and neutral color like brown, navy, black, or green army. Pair with white trousers and leather shoes to create a cool casual smart style.

  1. Slim-Fit White T-shirt + Denim Jacket = Cool!


No need to be confused about what clothes you will use today. Just use a plain white shirt with your flagship denim jacket. For casual office clothing, you can combine it with black trousers, belts, and leather shoes. For casual outfit campus or for hangout, mix with slim-fit jeans, sneakers, backpack, and caps!

  1. Oversized White T-shirt and Long Coat


You can apply it during the rainy season or when vacationing abroad for example. Choose a larger size than you normally use, made from soft, not too thick so you do not look “stacked” when using it with a long coat.

  1. Classic Way


Yep, this is the most common way when using a plain white t-shirt: combine it with sunglasses, trousers and sneakers. The trick is that you do not look boring, use your coolest sneakers! For its size, choose a plain slim-fit and skinny-fit t-shirts that fit in the body.

  1. Comfortable Formal Style with Plain T-Shirt


Who says you can’t look formal with a T-shirt? The trick is easy, use a plain white shirt with a blazer or sport jacket.

Give your hair with a pomade, it is okay to be more stylish. Use also your best leather shoes, do not forget to polish before use it.

  1. Minimalist Style with a Plain Shirt


No matter if you prefer a patterned shirt, but for this time, choose a plain shirt with casual cuts to create an elegant and minimalist style. You can roll your sleeves up under your elbows to make it look more relaxed. Pair it with chinos and sneakers.

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