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How to Pick the Right Glasses for Round Faces

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Choosing the right glasses for round faces can be a totally subjective experience. However, in reality, there is an art and science behind it. When you choose the right glasses, you will be able to bring out your natural beauty.

Follow these tips to get the right glasses for round faces.

Angular frame is your friend

Angular glasses
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When you have a round face, it is always a good idea to choose a rectangular or square frame for your glasses. This will bring structure to your face. Avoid wearing smaller or round glasses if you don’t want to exaggerate your round face.

Bold is good

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The right glasses for round faces sometimes have bold patterns and colors. The best choice will highlight your eye color and skin tone and draw the attention away from the roundness of your face.

Nose pads matter

Nose pads
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If you have a typical Asian nose with flatter nose bridge or just an overall flat nose, a frame with nose pads is typically the best-fitting style. This also applies if you have round cheeks.

Choose wide frames

Oversized square frame
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Rectangular frames that are wider than your face will add balance and give some edge to your soft features. An oversized square frame is the perfect glasses for round eyes.

Try half-frame glasses

Half frame
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The semi rimless glasses or also known as browline glasses is perfect for men and women with round faces. It adds a balance and an illusion of length, which can slim down the appearance of round faces.

Hipster glasses shift focus away

Hipster glasses
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Thick-rimmed square glasses that are staple to hipster fashion can provide structure and definition to the soft round faces. Besides, there are just countless options of nerdy hipster glasses that you can choose to suit your style.

Cat eye glasses elongate the face

Cat eye glasses
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Besides rectangular frames, cat eye styles are also the best glasses for round faces. This is because a cat eye frame provides contour and a lifting effect. It also makes a round face seem slimmer.

Navigator glasses for a squarer silhouette

Navigator glasses
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If you have a round face, the best aviator glasses for your style is those of navigator style. The masculine silhouette adds contour to your face.

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