Men Casual Clothes that Can Make You Liked By Women

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Casual style is the most men preferred style. In addition to comfortable and simple, this style is also the safest style and the most adaptable to everyone. Before confessing a casual style is your mainstay style, do you already have a casual style? Do you want to be liked by women? Check it out!

  1. Cardigan


Cardigan is one of the clothing items that men have to have. By wearing cardigan, you will look more sweet and cute. Surely it will attract the attention of women.

  1. Polo Shirt


By wearing polo shirt you will be able to style simple but still neat. This model’s outfit strongly reflects the nature of maturity. Surely women prefer men who are adults.

  1. Henley Shirt


Choose a white Henley shirt with a slim fit model that fits in your body to make you look more attractive. By wearing Henley shirt you will look more mature.

  1. White T-Shirt


The white color will also make every wearer look brighter and photogenic. This casual top can also be combined with various items, such as bomber jackets, denim jackets, and leather jackets.

  1. Belted Trench Coat


One way to keep your appearance cool despite the rainy season is to use trench coat. Choose a trench coat that is not too long and has neutral colors like black, navy, light brown, or khaki.

  1. Classic Gray Sweatshirt


One sign of a stylish man is that he can look cool all the time without trying to overdo it while he is relaxing. You also can, which is important you have to know what items should be used every day to show your strengths. Have a casual top in the form of a sweater or a gray

  1. Versatile Blazer


If you need a casual boss that can be used for formal or semi-formal events, versatile blazer is the answer. This type of blazer is guaranteed to make your posture look sturdy so that more attractive in the eyes of women. You can combine these items with shirts, shirts, or polo shirts.

  1. Denim shirt


This casual boss is suitable when you relax or attend casual events. Choose a denim shirt with quality materials that can absorb sweat and fit in your body.

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