Men T-Shirts Which Should You Have For Maximum Style

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For men who like simple style and casual, man T-shirt is the most appropriate choice. This one item in addition can be combined with various items, is also very convenient to use. If you like to wear T-shirts, there are types of T-shirts that you should have. Check your wardrobe, if there is an item that you do not have, you must buy it for maximum view.

  1. V-neck Tee


You can wear it with denim jacket, blazer, bomber jacket, leather jacket, cardigan, plus denim jeans! The colors you should have for example black, navy, gray, white, and light brown.

  1. Oversized Tee


If you like the hip-hop style or R’nB shirt model is very suitable you use. You can combine them with sneakers.

  1. Hoodie Tee


This type of shirt is perfect for you who sporty style. This shirt can also protect your head in the rain.

  1. Crew Neck Tee


Crew neck tee aka plain man shirt really you must have. This type of shirt has a simple model and can be combined with various outfit. If you want a mascoolin vintage look, mix it with a leather jacket for today’s men’s fashion.

  1. Raglan


Raglan t-shirts have two models, some are short-sleeved and some are long-sleeved. For the color, you can be creative with bright colors or neutral colors. Combine raglan shirts with jeans and vans to get a cool streetstyle! Also read the reason why all men should have vans shoes here.

  1. Ringer Tee


This shirt is really cool, you do not need to wear the outer (layer) because it will cover the details on the arms and collars. Tips on choosing this type of man’s shirt is select a fit in the body and have a neutral color. But for details on the arms and collars, you can choose a bright color. Blending it with chinos or khakis will make you cool.

  1. Pocket Tee


You must also have a pocket tee because it is included in the list of casual tops that must be owned by men. Feel free to choose colors and motifs on a cool pocket. Pair it with jeans or shorts and complete it with your sneakers or vans.

  1. Henley


The henley T-shirt also has a long-sleeved and short-sleeved model. You are free to choose any model, the important size must fit in the body so the more cool. Avoid wearing a great shirt because it will make you look less attractive. You can combine henley T-shirts with material pants or chino pants and men’s formal shoes to get a smart casual appearance. You can also use this T-shirt with a blazer or jacket.

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