Types of Men’s Shirts that You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

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As a man, of course have a shirt is a usual thing. But you must have these types of men’s shirts in your wardrobe, what is it?. Consider the following explanation.

  1. Velvet Shirt


You must have this type of shirt in your dressing room. This type is very easy to use for party or formal events. With velvet material will make you look glamorous and elegant.

  1. Plain short sleeve shirt


Short sleeve shirt can be used for casual or formal category. Its simple design can be adjusted for the event

  1. The white sleeve shirt


Whatever your profession has a white formal shirt. One day you will demand something in family, business or other. This shirt can you mix with a blazer to give the impression of an adult as well as a stylist. In addition you can also combine it with jeans and semi-formal shoes.

  1. Black Shirt


In addition to a white shirt, you must also have a black shirt. Black shirt is only worn during funeral aja yes, but the black color has the impression stylist for various events. To combine it you can use a leather jacket and jeans.

  1. Batik Shirt


In addition to the nation’s culture used in various events, batik shirts have now been used as a means used both formal and non-formal. If you want to give the impression of young and semi-casual, short batik shirt is the right choice.

  1. Flanel Shirt


Flannel shirt is to be one the type of shirt that you should have because it has become a trend in the fashion world. To give the impression of stylist and different, you can use western model or double pocket.

  1. Denim Shirt


This shirt can be used for semi-formal and casual. In addition to giving the impression masculine, denim shirt combined with blue or brown jeans and also not less cool, bro. This shirt is also suitable combined with a shoe cover or made out of plain shirts.

  1. Print Shirt


You do not have to hesitate to remove this shirt. Just choose a color that matches your body character and your skin color. For the choice of shirts is quite diverse ranging from artsy, retro to flora and flamboyant.

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