Vintage Looks to Bring Back This Summer

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We all know that when it comes to fashion trends, what goes around comes around. So if you think that your summer style options are limited by current trends, you are totally mistaken. Borrow summer styles from the past century and update them to create a look that is uniquely you. The fashion trends from the ’20s to the ’80s have covered a wide range of territory indeed. There were some looks that are best just left in history and admired from afar. But there some that should be brought back into our closets and hearts.

1. 20’s One Piece Swimming Suit

Vintage summer looks 1
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Before teeny bikinis made a big splash in the ’60s, it was fashionable to wear one piece suits. This look is worthy of bringing back because it flatters all kinds of body-types. The suits were gathered at the waist, which creates a beautiful hourglass shape.

2. High Waist Shorts

Vintage summer looks 2
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Shorts are always a popular choice of attire in warmer months. During the 1930s and 1940s, women wore shorts high on the waist, flaring out over the hips and usually ending at mid thigh level. This cut of shorts is still popular today, due to the highly flattering style.

3. Wide-Legged Flair

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Back to 30’s with bell bottom pants. From day to night to beach, a pair of wide-legged pants makes for a chic focal point of any outfit.

4. Polkadots Romper

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Another totally current look is this fun, vibrant vintage romper from the 1940s. This romper is really unique and the colors and print are eye-catching. It’s described as having the potential to show a little booty cheek, so conservative dressers may want to look elsewhere.

5. Accessorized It

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Things to note when you decided to have a vintage look this summer is an accessories. Cat-eye sunglasses + a scarf tied as a headband = the perfect accessory equation for a beach moment on level with Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief. 

6. Happy Hippy

Vintage summer looks 6
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The sixties gave birth to the hippy movement. Peace, love, and rock and roll was the mantra for many free spirits. Bring back this look with loose and floral dress, hair bands and boots. You might consider it for you next out-door concert or park picnic.

7. Off Shoulder

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Though summer time is known for its sun and heat, it is nice to have a cozy item or two on hand. A casual off-the-shoulder sweatshirt is the perfect item to ward off a cool beach breeze. This ’80s look deserves to be brought back this summer because it is so easy to make. Cut the crew-neck off of the sweatshirt to give it that retro look. Cut a little bit less than you think you should at first, because you can always trim some more.

8. Sweating in Athletic

Vintage summer looks 8
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The seventies was known as the “Me Generation” because personal exercise to stay fit became a nation-wide pass-time for the first time in history. Richard Simmons became an icon, and people hit the pavement to jog and get toned. The ’70s athletic short short and tank are a timeless look that might never fade. They are amazingly comfortable and cute too.

9. Tee and Spaghetti

Vintage summer looks 9
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This look says “sweetheart” and that is an appropriate word for the ’90s. Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan capture the iconic ’90s sweetheart vibe. The tee shirt under spaghetti straps looks innocent and playful. The look is easy to create. You can use a white baby tee or opt for something chunkier and printed.

10. Denim Overall

Vintage summer looks 10
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Overalls had their hay-day in the ’90s. Overalls were cool — everyone from Tupac to Will Smith was wearing this style. They were worn with straps up, one strap down, or both straps down. When denim overall shorts are worn loose-fitting, it has the look of a dress. Any way your wear them, overalls are totally lighthearted and impish. This look is great for anyone who has days when they feel like a kid inside.

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