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10 Chinos for Men to Look More Gorgeous and Dashing

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Chino has become a part of men in fashion. The material is made of twill cotton is very comfortable to wear as formal or casual outfit. Especially to wear when you are outside in summer. For the season, its existence can be one of the outfit alternatives to subtitute jeans. Here are some ideas in wearing chinos to have a gorgeous and dashing look for men.

  1. Folded Chino and Long Sleeves Shirt

1. folded chino
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For casual, you can fold the tip of your chino and long sleeves shirt. It can be combined with a white sneakers to have a good looking.

  1. Navy Chino with Horizontal Stripe T-Shirt

2. navy chino with stripe t-shirt
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Two colors of navy and white can be applied to your outfit. That are navy chino with horizontal stripe T-shirt and white sneakers.

  1. Beige Chino with White Shirt

3. beige chino with white shirt
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Wearing the same color between chino and shoes is a smart way to look cool. Moreover, unlatching a button of your shirt is so nice for informal time.

  1. Brown Chino with Denim Shirt

4. brown chino with denim shirt
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Pairing chino with denim shirt is also a matching outfit. A little fold on the sleeves of the shirt will make you look dashing and manly.

  1. Beige Chino with Green Coat

5. beige chino with coat
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A beige chino is also nice when paired with army green coat. Just try this outfit idea, then you will like it.

  1. Beige Chino with Gingham Shirt

6. beige chino with gingham shirt
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Beige is easy and suitable to combine with any color, even with a gingham shirt. Trust us! You will look so cool and dashing with this outfit.

  1. Chino for Casual and Formal Look

7. maroon chino with white shirt (casual and formal look)
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Maroon chino with a white shirt is a contrasting and prominent color combination. Adding a belt results a formal and casual look as well.

  1. Grey Chino with Horizontal T-Shirt

8. grey chino with horizontal t-shirt and blazer
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A black and grey stripe T-shirts is really cool when combined with gray chino. You just need to add a blazer or jacket to look gorgeous and dashing.

  1. Navy Chino with Stripe Shirt

9. navy chino with stripe shirt
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It’s still about stripe to pair with chino. To get a different look in wearing chino, you can pair it with this striped shirt.

  1. Khaki Chino with Hoodie

10. khaki chino with hoodie
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Chino is cool and can be paired with whatever clothes you like. It all depends on your favorite in fashion. One of them is pair your chino combined with hoodie to make you enjoy your day.

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