Classy Women Work Outfit Ideas to Wear This Spring

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As the temperatures begin to rise, it is time to usher in a spring awakening with your wardrobe. Spring is all about beautiful blooming flowers, new leaves coming with perfect sunshine outside. In spring you need outfits with pastels and soft comfy materials. When it comes to work outfits, you not just need to check the comfort but also style and trend. Liven up the office with a breath of fresh air in the form of bright, spring-ready outfits that will leave you feeling inspired. Just remember that dressing to show off will not impress businessmen or women, and it can hurt your professional image if you draw too much attention to yourself. Standard business outfit is more polished and professional-looking than casual dress, so when in doubt, just stick with standard business outfit to be safe.

  1. Pleated Skirt

Spring work outfit 1
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A pleated skirt is the thing to wear to welcoming the spring. Pair with matching shirts to give a pretty professional impression.

2. Plaid Suit

Spring work outfit 2
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Don’t underestimate the matching suit set. White shirts give the impression of elegance in a playful plaid suit. Add sunglasses to make your appearance more stunning.

3. School Boy

Spring work outfit 3
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Embrace the schoolboy look with high-waisted pants, a white tee shirt and navy blazer. An open toed shoes is a barrier as your appearance is not too masculine.

4. Pastel Vibes

Spring work outfit 4
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Admit it that we love when ladies combine pastel hues. Here we see a girl wearing a pale turquoise cardigan with pinstripe shirt tucked in pale pink high-waisted skirt. Finish the look by adding pearl necklace, spacious yellow envelope clutch and pointed-toe flat pumps.

5. Bare Arm

Spring work outfit 5
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Bare arms might seem like a pipe dream now (especially if you live in the northeast), but come late May, you’ll be happily shoving off your jacket when you go out for lunch. Here, sleeveless turtlenecks are your best friend.They’re covered-up enough to fly for a day of meetings, but give you the chance to show a little more skin if you choose.

6. Leather

Spring work outfit 6
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The edgy material can make an appearance on the office floor when paired with the right pieces. The Key is that the clean lines of a bright button-down add just the right amount of polish to a full or pencil skirt.

7. Denim

Spring work outfit 7
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Our sympathies to those corporate folk who can’t wear jeans to the office. This look you will have to save for the weekend. For the rest of you, though, the polished mix of a button-up, a bright sweater, and low-heeled loafers is a sure way to keep things casual without looking the least bit sloppy.

8. Floral Pants

Spring work outfit 8
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Loose shirt, floral pants, nude stiletto and statement specs are all a go at the office.

9. Trully Lady

Spring work outfit 9
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Go for an ultra-feminine look with a pink dress, handbag, and classic cap toe heels. Add a blazer as a warmer and belt as a fashion statement.

10. Stripes

Spring work outfit 10
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How to nail the elusive French Girl Look for your 9-to-5: cropped black trousers, a striped silk blouse, and a pair of vertiginous loafers.

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