Haircuts for men to try 2018

12 Best Fresh Haircuts For Men To Try 2018

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Let make a new change for your style this year. Take a look at your haircut; it may be the one that need to be renewed. This may help you to gain new performance and make you feel amazing. Now, the era of short hair on the side with long hair at the top will be the best choices. Here they are, some incredible hair styles that might be fit for you;

  1. Hard Side Part with High Temp Fade and Shape Up


Try this new style for going to college will be the best choice. It is tidy and will make you feel younger. This style shows that you are an educated guy with high standard.

2.     Modern Undercut Pompadour


Are a businessman? Modern undercut pompadour will be a great style for you. When you go to a restaurant for having dinner with your girl, she will not go far from you. You look so marvelous. It is more neat and sophisticated.

3.     High Skin Fade with Edge up and Spiked Hair


Spiked hair tells that you are a person who enjoys your life. Take this style as your choice when you want to go travel the world or anything your activities. Let see the world by your new haircut.

4.     Undercut with Hard Part Comb over and Beard


Comb over provides hair styles that allow you to be modern or classic guys. You are trait to look cool by this style. Your bread also remain that you are a man with power.

5.     Crew Cut with Spiked Front and Skin Fade



Spiky hair remains as to the ear of 90’s. On the other hand, this style nowadays is already marked by modern style which will make you look younger. It doesn’t matter how much your age, you can try this style right now.

6. High Fade with Thick Textured Top and Beard


This style works well for you who have thick hair. Textured at the top creates awesome look and gives you brilliant performance. Whoever you are and whenever you go, this style will make shine in any occasion.

  1. High Bald Fade with Textured French Crop and Beard


Textured French crop is the way of young men expressing their energy. It doesn’t need more time to make this style at barbershop, simple and quick. You can apply wax or matte pomade as well for your style today.

  1. Low Fade with Hard Part and Comb Over


This is one of the best choice haircuts for you who want to look cool. Comb over is a common style that can be chosen for you who love to change your hair style anytime. It only needs the different way of comb to create other hair styles.

  1. Mid Fade with Textured Slicked Back Hair


Another haircut style which makes you looks classy. Try this style in all circumstance, because this is an iconic style which will be looks good on most guys. No matter what their hair color or face shape.

  1. High Skin Fade with Line Up and Wavy Spiky Hair



Wavy spiky hair pushes you to look sweet in every occasion. Whenever you go, this style will not make you upset. Moreover, this is the coolest haircuts for you who are in young age.

  1. Taper Fade with Textured Quiff


Quaff is one of haircuts that remain fashionable man throughout the year. Still-savvy guy will love this style along with taper fade. However, modern quaff needs intensive styling to see the perfect result.

  1. High Skin Fade with Caesar Cut and Beard



Retain confidence with high skin fade along Caesar cut and bread. A simple haircut but will make you looks cute. This is an easy style that always suitable for you who are busy with your activity.


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