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Summer is here. The sun is out, temperature is up, and you’re left wondering how to dress during this season and keep looking sharp. You can stay cool all while looking cool this summer. Whether you’re at the beach chilling with your friends or at a park for a summer picnic, you can still have great style. Here is a collection of summer outfits for your inspiration. Beat the heat, but look good doing it too!

Printed Shirt

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The shirt has just been much more interesting. It’s all about mold now: abstract, polka dot, and especially, floral. Floral is the new plaid when we talk about summer. You can strolling around the city with a retro-style with the latest Cuban-style shirt. As long as you opt for a design with a darker base tone (such as navy, black or burgundy) and anchor it with something neutral down below, it’s really rather hard to go wrong.

Polo Shirt

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The polo shirt can be one of the sharpest and most versatile shirts in your wardrobe if you focus on getting the fit right in the summer. It works well with chino shorts, but you will be encroaching on preppy, which is not a bad thing. If that style is out for you, play it down with neutral colors, a tailored fit, and a pair of jeans. Choose a bright color or pastel color, because dark color will make you feel more heat.

White Loose Tee Shirt

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Summer shirts can be a dangerous game. It’s hot. Keep it light. White tee shirts are always easy to find and easily combined with whatever outfit is in your closet.


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Shorts can be tricky. Shorts that finish just above the knee is ideal. Once you find a pair that fits, buy them in multiple solid colors. Pastels are hot, but if you want to steer away from a fratty look, change up your colors. Khaki is a neutral option, but you don’t have to play it safe. Black or navy shorts can add new life to your wardrobe.

Go for Linen

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Linen has been the warm weather cloth of choice for centuries for good reason. It’s super lightweight, breathable, and absorbs moisture exceptionally well. The downside is that linen wrinkles a lot. But that is all part of its charm. This is the only time you can get away with wrinkled clothes .

Chino Pants

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Thanks to chinos, you have now got the effortlessly well-groomed thing locked down. You can also try rolling up the ankles for a more casual look. Paired with canvas sneakers or slip on loafers, the look remains completely casual, while offering temperature control on cooler days or in the evenings. They’re also perfect for lunch or dinner while at the beach or to a casual bar that you would not want to wear shorts to.


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Seersucker is the all-cotton fabric of choice for summer. With its breezy texture, accented by thin puckered stripes or checkers, it lets you beat the sweat in style. This material works great with shirts, shorts and blazers – or any jacket, really, for when you need a simple, light layer for those dressier occasions.


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Forget everything you thought you knew about double denim when summer comes. Denim is the pinnacle of strong summer style for guys who want to eschew the obvious seasonal trends, such as floral shirts and shorts suits. Play safe, Everybody!!

Summer Accessories

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The right accessories can make you look more stunning. Whether it is only sunglasses or a hat to cover you from sunlight or a basic piece of jewelry like a watch. You can upgrade your look by playing with accessories and having a different kind of style. But don’t overwear it. Keep it simple, practical, and functional.

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