The Types of Bracelet that Make You Attractive in The Eyes of Women

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Talking about men’s wrist accessories, most men, including you, may only know the watch. Though like the Eve, men also have their own type of bracelet that seems to be a mainstay to look cool every time and make them attractive in the eyes of women. Do not believe? Here are the types of bracelets.

  1. Leather Bracelet, for you who want to look macho


For more grunge look, you can use select rings or necklaces of the same material when wearing this bracelet.

  1. Metal bracelets for you who want to look masculine


This type of male bracelet this one has quite a lot of devotees. It will also give the impression of more masculine and trendy for men who wear it.

  1. Rope bracelet for younger look


Rope bracelet is one of the accessories which is very popular among adult men and young people. The design is simple and even often used by women.

  1. Ethnic Bracelet


Who says, bracelets of stone can only be used by the Eve only. This type of bracelet is suitable for you to attend all kinds of events including formal events. But to avoid excessive impression, you should select small rocks with neutral colors such as broken white, dark blue, black or brown.

  1. Woven bracelet, for you lovers of luxury


The uniqueness of this appearance is often associated with luxury. No wonder, men who wear this bracelet will look more elegant and classy.

  1. Rubber Bracelet, for you sporty


This male bracelet is often a mainstay of young people. Yup, simpe design and choice of colors more diverse make this bracelet hunted the lover.

  1. Wooden bead bracelet for the unique style lover


Actually, this kind of bracelet is similar with stone bracelet, just bead material used is made of natural wood. In addition to lighter, wooden bead bracelets are chosen many people because of its distinctive and natural colors. No wonder if this bracelet suits you wear with casual outfit to formal.

  1. Health bracelet, for you who always want to fit every time


Called a health bracelet, because this bracelet is believed to relieve pain in the body, reduce blood viscosity, it can improve blood circulation and immunity, to be effective against environmental radiation.

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