Types of Male Cardigan That Make You Look Great and Maximize

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When the weather is cold, cardigan is the most fitting item to use. In addition to warm, cardigans can also make the appearance more cool without having to look too closed and ‘thick’. Get to know the models of male cardigan that you must have for the cool and maximal look below!

  1. Leather Cradigan


This cardigan is suitable for tall and thin men because the shape of the collar will give the body a volume of illusion.

  1. Drill Cardigan


Drill cardigan suitable for use by men with any body shape. This type of cardigan will also create a smart and charismatic impression for a man.

  1. Belted Cardigan


Belted cardigans are usually long and equipped with a belt. This male cardigan can be worn when relaxed and formal. This type of cardigan is better used by a thin man because accent belt will give a full impression on the body.

  1. Open Cardigan


The characteristic of this man’s cardigan is that it has no buttons and is generally quite long. The layer gives the impression casual and simple, so suitable for use when relaxed. Open cardigan is perfect for men with curvy stature.

  1. Shawl-Collared Cardigan


Tired of the usual male cardigan? You can choose shawl-collared cardigan! The collar shape that hangs on this cardigan can warm the body so you do not have to wear any more scarves. Combine with mix and match cargo pants for a sporty and cool look.

  1. Wrap Cardigan


Usually the front of the cardigans wrap is longer and has no buttons and belts. You can wear this cardigan as usual, ie tie the front to form a ribbon or wrap it around the body. Layers and wrinkles that are left when tying the ends of cardigan will make this man’s cardigan look more cool.

  1. Flyaway Cardigan


Flyaway cardigan is a type of long cardigan with a lightweight material that seems to be waved when the wearer moves. Generally, this male cardigan has a length below the knee, some even reach the ankle and not equipped with buttons.

  1. Classic Cardigan


This man’s cardigan is simple-cut, usually has buttons and a design that follows the shape of the body. Although it looks classic, this cardigan is the easiest to mix and match with various items and suitable for use by men with any body shape.

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