Types of Men’s Formal Leather Shoes

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Having quality formal shoes is one of the essential needs of men, especially if you have a lot of important events. A number of shoe types are widely available in the market and need a keen eye to find a pair of shoes that deserve to be invested. In addition, you need to adjust to the proportions of body and type of activities. With a qualified treatment, quality leather shoes can have a strong endurance. Here are the types of formal leather shoes that you must know.



Oxford shoes are often miscategorized as a type of derby shoes. Oxford type shoes have closed lacing construction on facing shoes, so formal and less flexible.



This model is almost the same as the oxford model. It has closed lacing construction. This shoe model is very suitable combined with blazer.

Derby or Blucher


Derby shoes have open lacing construction. Its appearance is very adaptive, so this kind of shoes can be used for various purposes, either professional to party.



These shoes do not have a rope, but use a small bond and buckle which amounts to one or two. The variation is called single monk-strap and double monk-strap.



This type of shoes is inspired by moccasin which by way of wear that inserted. In ancient times, loafers were categorized as casual shoes, until businessmen and American lawyers wore them for formal purposes in the ’60s.

Dress Boot


Has a basic form of oxford or derby with a longer shaft. The extension is also continued to the size of the rope that spread from facing to the tongue of the shoe.

Chelsea Boot


Here is the design of boots without straps, with a distinctive shape that is easy to wear thanks to the elastic features. This shoe has a level of more practicality than strappy boots.

Chukka Boot


The chukka boot story begins with a polo game which is a more comfortable version of boots in general. There are two to three pairs of rope holes in the facing section and are generally made of soft suede material. Glossy boot chukka is suitable for a formal look.

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