8 Japanese Hairstyles that Can Make You More Stylish

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Japanese girls or Japanese women are famous for their hairstyles. Lots of types of hair models are very famous in Japan. As we know, many Japanese hairstyles are become an inspiration for hairstyle fashion lovers around the world. Do not be surprised if you will find many cute women in this Country of Sakura. For you who are curious, here are 8 Japanese women hairstyles that can make you more stylish.

  1. Twin Tail


This type of hairstyle involves long hair that is pinched in two sides, namely the left and right head. This hairstyle is very popular among Japanese children and teenagers. Cute impression stands out to be the advantage of this hairstyle.

  1. 7: 3 Bangs


This hair type is also popular among Japanese girls. The members of group idols often use bangs like this. This hair style is also used by AKB48 personnel.

  1. Straight Bangs


Hairstyle that reflects super cute girl! The Japanese girls like to apply hairstyle with straight bangs like this and combine it with lolita dress.

  1. See-through Bangs


Although originally famous in Korea, See-through Bangs became the hairstyle that many idols and models apply in Japan. You’ll look more interesting.

  1. Bangs Above The Eyebrows


This hairstyle is perfect for unique fashion enthusiasts. The result does look like it has no bangs, but it’s still funny.

  1. Berry Bob Hairstyle


This hairstyle use blunt bangs that also very popular among Japanese girls. They usually combine it with a variety of hair colors. This hair style is suitable for women with thin hair.

  1. Raven Hairstyle


It creates a sleek and soft impression on Japanese girls. This hairstyle features hair tapered towards the edge. This style will make you look more stylish.

  1. Shaggy Hairstyle


The Japanese girls who love Shaggy hairstyle are numerous! Hair model is very popular in the land of Sakura compared to other models.

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