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8 Most Popular Ear Piercing Ideas for Men

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Thinking about piercing your ear? Not only women pierce their ears. For men, ear piercing is a type of fashion that used to be somewhat unconventional, and still is in some parts of the world and multiple settings, but actually was a part of an ancient tradition. Today, there are a lot of piercing parlors around the world. If you want some ideas for ear piercing, look at these popular ear piercing styles for men.

Rook Piercing

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One of the most popular ear piercing for men is rook piercing. With a piercing gun, the cartilage is pierced. It requires the suitable cartilage folding to be able to get this design perfectly. Yet, the design is very popular among men.

Helix Piercing

Helix piercing
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A helix piercing can be done with one or multiple rings. The popular ear piercing is sported by many world celebrities and athletes, due to the stylish and flashy look. It also enables you to experiment with many things.

Lobe Earring

Lobe piercing
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Since this is probably the simplest form of ear piercing, this style is the most popular. Piercing is done at the bottom of the earlobe with a variety of jewelries. This is one of the types of ear piercings with the least pain and injury risks.

Earlobe Gauge

Earlobe gauge
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This super cool, super stylish ear piercing that shows a lot of personality and style is probably not everyone, but it is certainly preferred by tons of teenagers all over the world, especially if they’re into punk and hardcore subculture. To get this look, the existing hole is stretched with big earrings.

Tragus Piercing

Targus piercing
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This type of piercing technically targets the external part of the ear. It is the outer part of the cartilage that is pierced. Usually, this is done with circular rings.

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing
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This is one of the most unique ear piercings out there. To get this look, two holes are made in the cartilage where a long earring is driven through. The earring connects the two holes.

Orbital Piercing

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This type of piercing is done by making two holes in any parts of the ear, such as the helix or earlobe. Many variations can be used to obtain this look, but usually, smooth rings are common.

Daith Piercing

Daith piercing
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This type of piercing uses a wire to puncture the inner cartilage of the ear. The procedure is difficult and painful, but the result will worth the procedure. Only a highly experienced professional can do it with minimum risk of infection.

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  1. Yeah. No. You DON”T use a piercing gun for any of these piercings and the amount of pain is highly subjective. Daith and Rook piercings are exclusively done via O-Needle and are typically less painful than helix piercings.

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