9 Choices of Spring Fashion Trends 2018

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When you are so enjoying the dramatic fall trend during the end of this year, why not glance at the popular spring fashion trends. Starting from contemporary style, sexy, to playful, well facilitated and can be applied in Indonesia. Here are 9 spring fashion trends 2018.

Bold metallic color trends


Trend sequins are again popular! Blouses or dresses studded with sequins and beads passing by in world fashion week. For everyday, you can also choose a metallic detail mendedail or just choose a blazer or midi skirt made from velvet shiny.

Contemporary cutting and layer games


Layer games are no longer limited to basic and cardigans. You can see the trend of spring 2018 which is rich in cutting and solid-match material.

Bustier as a distinguishing accent


Bustier can be a complementary accent as well as a differentiator, just as you wear a vest. The sexy impression will be easily seen through this unified frontier. Dare?

Pop-Art Motives are everlasting


Pop art motif prints will be one of spring 2018 trends. Ultra feminine blouse to cardigans can also be given a playful pop art touch.

Wet-suit replaces bikini


When talking about swimwear, designers are now more interested in showing wet-suit a la surfer that would be more comfortable you wear.

Patchwork trend is back!


Spring is certainly not complete without interest. He exclaimed, the flower motif this time does not have to matching because you can hit the motive of a number of floral motifs in one outfit.

A rainbow-colored contrasting game


Last year, spring was dominated by pink. Clothes with geometric patterns mixed with bold colors will be in great demand in 2018.

Knitted thin in spring


Although it started bright, but spring did not have summer-high temperatures. Then wear thin material knits legitimate

Slim-fit blazer for casual impression


In the spring of 2018, you will find a variety of stylish cut blazers with thick material that can be worn everyday.

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