11 Gentleman’s Items that You Should Have

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If all this time men are considered to have fewer goods than women, there may be a point. But the assumption does not necessarily make a man completely uninterested in the goods. Priority, that’s the mindset of a gentleman. But you also have to have some things that a man needs.

Here are 11 items that a gentleman must have.

  1. Coat


You must wear the coat that really fits in the body, not a coat that will make you look great. You will look luxurious and manly by wearing a suit.

  1. Headphones


Because a gentleman knows how to enjoy music.

  1. Watches


You can use old or expensive watches. You will look more interesting with your watch. Choose a leather to look masculine and fabric or rubber to look sporty.

  1. Camera


The camera in question is a camera that can not also be used to call or send messages. Like for example sport camera or DSLR.

  1. Classic Zippo


Because man is very cool when holding a Zippo match. For men who hobbies smoking you will look stout when using the Classic Zippo.

  1. Cash Money


For emergencies, cash will be very helpful. Having a lot of cash in your wallet will keep women interested.

  1. Sunglasses


The glasses in question are the glasses with the “eternal” model that can be used anytime and on various occasions. These glasses can also protect you from the sun.

  1. Leather Belt


Choose the best leather belt and model. You can choose black and brown leather belts.

  1. Folding Knife


You must have the knife that suits with your taste and personality. Use this knife to keep yourself from criminals. Do not use for crime.

  1. Sports Equipment


Loads, kettlebells, boxing bag, or other sports equipment. The tools you can use to form your body to be more manly.

  1. Leather Wallet


Of course, the wallet can accommodate all your needs other than cash. Choose a man made leather purse to make you look more masculine

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