9 Woman’s Short Hairstyles for Round Face and Chubby Cheeks

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Not all short hairstyles are suitable for round faces, but some short hairstyles look cute. It is undeniable that women also want to try a variety of short hairstyle like pixie or sassy. For women who have a round face shape, short hairstyle owned must cover the ear. Here are 9 Women’s Short Hairstyles for Round Face and Chubby cheeks.

  1. Bob Blonde


Short blonde bob hairstyle is one of the attractive hairstyle, simple and charming. Short blonde bob hair model can give a tapered effect on the face. To make the face shape not visible round, make the edge.

  1. Short Hair Model Edgy Bob


Short Hair Models edgy bob this could be one option for women with a round face. This short hairstyle has a shaggy technique and several layers on the hair, so the short edgy bob hairstyle will disguise the fat cheeks.

  1. Short Hair Model Flipped Frock


This Short Flipped Frock Hair Model gives curly or wavy accents toward the back, thus making hair look attractive.

  1. Flirty Flip Short Hair Model


Flirty Flip Flirty Hair model gives the impression of glamour or luxury, slightly flirtatious and fun. This short haircut is also very suitable for “tomboy” girls. This short haircut cuts the hair just above the neck, or just below the ear.

  1. Vanilla Swirl Short Hair Models


This short haircut is inspired by vanilla ice cream. Vanilla swirl short hair model has a beautiful impression, sweet and elegant. The blend of vanilla color on this hairstyle makes you more stylish

  1. Short Hair Model Absolutely a line



This short hairstyle has a haircut that really looks like a straight line from back to front. At the end of the short hair line absolutely a line is given a deep-pitched effect, thus making the face becomes thinner.

  1. Short Hair Model Acutely A symmetrical


This model uses the front piece longer than the back. Short acutely A symmetrical hairstyle is using a bangs are formed sideways.

  1. Short Hair Model Cooper Curls


Cooper curls short hair model is suitable for women with curly hair. This hair model uses curls that rotate next to the cheek so that it covers some of the cheeks.

  1. Short Hair Models Short Elongating Locks


By making your pixie hairstyle stand up, will make the appearance more interesting. With this hairstyle, your hair texture will looks stunning, and make your hair look fluffy.

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