8 Popular Women’s Jacket Models

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This time we will discuss about the popular female jacket model. The jacket is one of the clothes that must be owned by everyone because the jacket has a much-needed function for the body. Apart from the function to warm the body or protect the body, this jacket can also be used as one style or style of a person. Before selecting the right jacket model according to the shape of the body should we know some types of jacket models that popular. Here are 8 popular female jacket models.

1. Women’s Bomber Jacket


Now the bomber jacket is trendy and selling in the market. Although it looks elegant but this jacket still makes the women look girly.

2. Women’s jeans jacket


Trend jeans jacket is present for all circles whether young or old male. Jeans jacket as if there is no death and always there from year to year. Model of casual, trendy and diamond jeans jacket is always in demand in the market.

3. Women’s sweater jacket


This women’s sweater jacket is specially designed for women to look more cool and comfortable when used. The dynamic sweater model makes it suitable for any condition.

4. Women’s leather Jacket


This woman’s leather jacket was once worn by many men but along with the development of fashion leather fashion jacket made for many women. This jacket comes with different designs and colors ranging from being equipped with a zipper and some are fitted with buttons.

5. Women’s parachute jacket


Parachute jacket will look perfect if you use when driving by motorcycle. This is because the parachute jacket is a jacket that is not pierced by the wind.

6. Varsity Jacket


This type of jacket  began to be known from among the United States students who are members of a sports club. The varsity jacket is also called a baseball jacket. Suitable for those of you who want to look tomboyish and slightly masculine.

7. Long Coat Jacket


This type of long coat jacket is often used by women when winter arrived. In addition to warm long body coat also has a more fashionable look. You can choose some nice natural colors.

8. Military jacket


As we know, the military jackets have a distinctive look with soldiers. For those of you who are confused to look more fashionable with a military jacket can combine it with a shirt and high wash pants to give a cool casual impression.

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