Female Hairstyles That You Can Do in Less Than 30 Seconds

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For those of you who have solid activity, simple women’s hair style is often an option because it does not take much time to make it. Here are some simple hairstyles that can be your inspiration and can be made in less than 30 seconds. Here are 8 Female Hairstyles that You Can Do in Less Than 30 Seconds. These hairstyles are easy to make but can make you look more beautiful, ladies!

  1. Pigtails


This ponytail is easy to make and can make your appearance more interesting than just lowering your hair.

  1. Twist Ponytail


To make this twist ponytail, you just have to split your hair into three parts. Then move the right side to the left and the left side to the right, then pigt your hair with the same color as your hair color.

  1. Elegant Pigtails


If you want a bit thick hair on the bottom, you can pinch your hair with a bobby pin on the end of the hair braid area.


  1. Simple Ponytail


This hairstyle is actually a regular ponytail, but it only requires a slightly elegant ponytail and you can make your ponytail unusual.

  1. “Cepol” Hair Style


This hairstyle is easy to apply, you just need to roll your hair up and then pigtails, so as to form a fuss.

  1. Hair Style with Bobby Pin


Want to look beautiful with ease? Just use the bobby pin! You only need to clamp your hair using a bobby pin with a triangular shape and you can also get an elegant hairstyle.

  1. Pigtails Hair Wrapped


This beautiful hairstyle is very easy to make and make it look like you do not use a hair band.

  1. Hair Style with Scarf


This hairstyle can be said is the sweetest hair style you can get in a short tim

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