Fashion Items for Women who Have Wide Shoulders

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If you are a woman who has wide shoulder, don’t be ashamed. In order not to be confused anymore, follow the powerful tips to make your shoulders become an asset that should be highlighted with the best fashion items for the wide shoulder owners.

Vertical Pattern


Using a vertical dress will create an illusion, your shoulders look thinner

Peplum Blouse gives volume in the hip area


Women with broad shoulders usually have an inverted triangular body shape.

V-Neck necked narrow and low to reduce shoulder width


When talking about your boss, the low V-neck model that is not too wide is right for you.

Long accessory for diversion


Just like a V-neck collared top, elongated elegant necklaces can also be a distraction. Choose a classic thin necklace along the chest, complete with a vertical pendulum.

Diagonal motif for illusion of body shape


It’s not a secret, horizontal motifs will make the body look wider. But in addition to choosing a vertical line motif, in fact diagonal motif is the most appropriate for you.

Empire-Line Dress makes the lower body look more volume


Empire-line dress is a dress model that has pieces just below the chest with a section of dangling and wavy skirts. This dress model is perfect for wide shoulder owners, especially when you choose a low-necked dress or a halter neck model.

Select subordinate concentration with motif or color


When a large hip owner is advised to choose dark-colored pants, the dressing formula for you is just the opposite. Choose a dark color as a superior and a younger color for subordinates.

Wavy skirt mini skirt skater-skirt


Skater skirt is a mini skirt with full flares and better if the material is a bit stiff. This model skirt will make the hip area more volume and balanced with your shoulders.

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