Female Hair Models That Will Make Your Face Look Slimmer

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In addition to the model of clothes, haircut models were also able to help you look more slender. What kind of hair style is suitable for those who want to look thinner? Here are the haircut models that can make you look slimmer.

Curly Long Hair



Long curly hairstyle will make your face look longer. This can give the illusion that your face looks thin.

 Layer Length



Long layers can show soft shapes and make round faces look longer.

Bob Asymmetry



By splitting the hair in the middle, the hair that falls towards the front will also make your face look longer.

 Light Pony



Make sure if the bangs in the middle is shorter than the bangs on the side. This will produce a skinny effect on your face.

Side Hemisphere



The side hemisphere will soften the shape of the face, and provide angles on the face so as to create more taper effect.

 Soft Waves



Straight hair, let alone thin, will make your head look small, but with a wider face.



Color and texture can also greatly affect the shape of your face. One way to make round faces look thinner is to provide highlights on the hair.

Lob or Long Bob


Model long bob hair under the jaw is also very effective at making your face look more gaunt. Cut your hair three inches under your chin. That way, your face will look longer.



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