Types of Woman Shoes that You Should Have

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Jordan Geller was named the owner of most shoes by Guinness World Records 2013 after having a collection of 2,504 pairs of shoes. However, life shouldn’t be spent just to collect shoes alone is not it? You’re not like Jordan Galler who collects a variety of shoes, because in fact you only need to collect some types of shoes below.

 Angkle Boots


This eye-level boot type is one of the most suitable boots in Indonesia. In addition to not seen excessive, angkle boots can also protect the feet from the sun.

Flat Ballet Shoes


Flat ballet is the solution to stay comfortable while on the go. You will still look casual but still neat. Wear with pleats skirt, dress, palazzo and suit tops.

 Slip On


Pair of slip on are popular now. These shoes will sweeten the appearance when worn with jeans.

Summer Wedges


Although not in summer, wedges with some strap is suitable worn with a skirt or dress. Wear for a leisurely stroll or a garden party to stay comfortable.

 Classic Pump


Shoes pump with high heels are the footwear that will make the appearance more sexy. In addition to being able to wear to the office, you can also wear it to the party.

Statement Heels


For a woman, statement heels become compulsory shoes that they must wear in formal occasions. Wearing with elegant long dress or just with jeans only, it makes you look cool.

 Nude Heels


High heel shoes with nude colors will remain trendy throughout the year. It will not be crushed by the development of fashion trends, these shoes fit worn with many clothes.

Smart Oxford / Loafer


For an active career woman, these shoes will make you comfortable moving throughout the day. It easily combined with many clothes and accessories.

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