Types of Woman’s Bracelets that You Should Know

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At this time the bracelet is not only in use for the sweetener or decorative wrist only, its design is from day to day more cool and always innovate to make a bracelet in a fashion that will make the appearance of someone who wore it become more attractive. Do you know what kinds of bracelets are currently popular?

  1. Charm Bracelet


Charm bracelet is a kind of bracelet that made of precious metal strands of gold, silver, or stainless steel, with the accent and pendulum. The pendulum is funny and cute with a variety of models and shapes that hanged at the bracelet.

  1. Bangle Bracelet


This type of bracelet is usually used by Indian women with a very large number and this bracelet itself is commonly made of plastic, wood, or even can be a precious metal.

  1. Tennis Bracelet


This bracelet is made of a series of diamond or diamond rocks throughout the bracelet.

  1. Beaded Bracelet


Beaded bracelet is a bracelet that many in the interest of women from various circles and also age. Bracelet made from beads with various colors and in a neat arrangement to form a beautiful pattern or arrangement of colors.

  1. Health Bracelet


It must have been you ever heard about a health bracelet do you? This bracelet is believed to be your body’s health when you are wearing it.

  1. Sports bracelet


Sport bracelet has been popularized by one of the biggest sports brand in the world, this bracelet is made with soft and soft silicone rubber material so it is very comfortable in use while exercising.


  1. Leather Bracelet


This bracelet is made from leather whether it’s genuine leather or any artificial or synthetic clit.

  1. Pearl Bracelet


This bracelet has a simple design only made from pearls. This bracelet is able to give the impression of an elegant and luxurious when in use.

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