How to find the best jeans for different body types

How to Find the Best Jeans for Different Body Types

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Jeans are one of the must-have fashion staples that should always be in every woman’s wardrobe. The versatile piece offers a huge variety of style and purpose. Yet, some of us find it difficult to find the best jeans that enhance our body’s best features.

To choose the perfect jeans for you, you need to consider your body type. Here are some best jeans for different body types.

Long Torso

Jeans for long torso
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Women with long torsos are not always tall. However, their midsection is just longer. Because of this, it is difficult to find jeans that fit perfectly on their hips. The best jeans for women with long torsos are those with super high-rise styles.

Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figure
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When you have an hourglass figure, you should be grateful because most clothes will hug your body perfectly. However, don’t pick the wrong jeans. Choose the ones with solid tones: either all dark or all light. It can make your legs look thicker and more solid.


Wide hips
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When you have wide hips, which is common for women with pear-shaped bodies, you will probably experience some dilemma on choosing the perfect jeans that flatter your body. If the hips and butt are roomy enough to make you feel comfortable, usually the waist will feel too big.

Short Torso

Short torse
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On the other hand, women with short torsos will benefit from wearing jeans that are hip hugging, or jeans that rest lower on your waist. This gives the illusion of a longer midsection.

Flat Bum

Flat butt
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Having a flat behind shouldn’t make you lose confidence. Avoid saggy and high-waisted pairs that can sink your cute butt. Instead, skinny jeans for tiny bum should be the rule.

Petite Body

Cropped cut
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If you have a petite body, you will probably have some problems with length and waist sizing. Try some jeans that are darker and choose cropped cut that gives an elongation effect on those legs.

Big Bum

Boyfriend style jeans
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Choose the best jeans that show off your amazing behind without being too much! You can do this by wearing boyfriend-style jeans or those that provide some extra stretch.


Skinny jeans for plus size
Source: plus-model-mag

If you have a plus-size body, dark wash is your friend. Choose some skinnies that will give your soft body some structure, since baggy jeans will even make your body appear bigger.

Thick Thighs

Wide leg jeans
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If you have muscular or large thighs but not large waist, you will probably find it difficult to find skinny jeans that work for you. Well, the best jeans for you are not skinny jeans. Instead, get some jeans with wide-leg flares.

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