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Exquisite Floral Nail Art Ideas to Inspire You

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Besides hair, nails also need a beautiful coloring to support your appearance. Your tapering fingers will look sweet and adorable when they are in color and flowery motifs. Glossy grape red, floral nail art or nude color you can apply to your nails. Surely, the color you can customize with your personality.

Dark Red of Burgundy


Bold and dark red look sexy on your nails with a distraction one floral motif between them.

Flowery Nails in the Middle


Accentuate the existence of beautiful flowers in the middle is really eye catching.

Plain with Floral Nail Art

French nail art

Simple, clean and sweet will be an impression on your nails.

Glitter and Polka Dot

Glitter and polka dot

This is a combination of matching color between the flowers and the glitter. Still, its polka dot somewhat distracts you.

Glossy Natural Flowers


By using a certain technique, you’ll get a glossy nail art and natural flowery look on your nails. They look real and more vivid.

Matte and Embossed

Matte mint

On the contrary with the previous nail art, matte look creates embossed flower motif. Not only mint, you can also apply other matte colors of this nail art.

Significant Color and Design


In distracting your boring nail color, just try playing the different color and art on each of your nails. Glittering gold, floral motif and pink plain will create a significant appearance.

Naturalness of Nude Color


Nude looks so natural and healthy. Still, if you also want to show florals on your nails, the white base on the two nails can help you.

Plain Pink and Roses


It’s okay if you want to apply plain pink on your nails, but if you don’t mind creating some roses on it is nice.

Stripe and Roses


Stripe results casual look, while the existence of the roses sweeten your nails.

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