Most beloved bob hairstyles for women in 2018

Most Beloved Bob Hairstyles For Women in 2018

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Bob haircut was considered a bold sign of independence and modernity in the 1910s and 20s.
But it has been evolved from being an act of rebellion to be one of the most popular haircuts in the world.
It has been the go-to look for independent, outspoken, forward thinking women who had better things to do than let their hairstyle dictate their sexuality or femininity.
And 2018 is the time to embrace a bob hairstyle for women.

To inspire you, we rounded some bob hairstyle that is on a trend in 2018.

Classic Bob

Classic bob

If you have a triangle-shaped faces, classic bob is super sleek and really flattering your look.

Flat Bob

Flat bob

Flat bob is always recommended for you who want to get a flawlessly straight look. Be sure to select an iron with one to two inch-sized plates and try to never go in without a heat protectant to help shield hair from heat damage and hot spots when styling.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut

Amping up a basic pixie cut with a ton of short, choppy layers. And if you want to add more texture and hold, add a few rakes of pomade.

Bob Haircut Like Emma Stone

Bob haircut like emma stone

A cropped cut with long layers and heavy, swooping bangs will gives the illusion of thickness, especially when you add in a few waves, too.

Cropped Cut Like Katty Perry

Cropped cut like katty perry

Throw in a bunch of asymmetrical layers, fade-buzz the sides and make the whole thing piece-y and sculpturesque with a few dabs of styling cream to make your ordinary cropped cut look more fabulous.

Curl Bob

Curl bob

Graduated layer will make your curl stay voluminous on top. To get the best result, create a deep side-part over the arch of one eyebrow.

Curved-Under Bob

Curved-under bob

Roll sections of damp hair around a medium-size round brush and pull taut while you blow-dry to get the same smooth, curved-under look.

Bob Haircut for Kinky Hair

Bob haircut for kinky hair

Brushing up your kinky hair from the roots and shaved on the sides.

Cool Pixie Cut

Cool pixie cut

Shorn on the sides of your pixie cut with thick bangs at the front, and a mixture of dark and light tones.

Cropped Cut With bangs

Cropped cut with bangs

Break up your cropped bob with cropped, thick and even bangs to get the cute look.

Bob Cut Like Rihanna

Bob cut like rihanna

A midnight black strands and thick, in-your-face bangs just like Rihanna is so inspiring.

Sleek Short Cut

Sleek short cut

Take your bob up an inch, cut slightly cropped side-swept bangs, and apply a super-conditioning hair mask.

Very Short Bob Cut

Very short bob cut

If you are brave enough, try this one.


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