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8 Items That Will Make Great Modern Work Wardrobe Essentials

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If you’re a working woman, you must be very busy. You’ve almost got no time to dress up perfectly every morning to suit all the various events at work. Struggling to find the perfect work outfit to wear is tiring. You could use the time wasted to do something more productive. However, every woman needs to look their best to be confident to attend presentations, client meetings, business parties, conferences, and other professional events at work. Because of these, you need to have some fashion items that will work for any occasions in your work wardrobe.

These work wardrobe essentials should be in every modern working woman’s collection.

Leather Jacket

Leather jacket
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Blazers are still the number one item for many women’s work wardrobe, however, their days are numbered! If you don’t work in an extra professional setting, or if you are in a creative department, you don’t want to be mistaken as the office’s accountant or lawyer by wearing a blazer. Opt for a blazer-like, synthetic leather jacket instead for a fresh and professional look.

Convertible Backpack or Clutch

Convertible backpack
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Purse is a classic work wardrobe essential, but you don’t have to follow the classics forever!¬† With your busy schedule, you probably have a lot of things to carry: a laptop, a protein bar, or maybe a water bottle? A purse won’t be enough, get yourself a convertible backpack.

Dark Jeans

Dark blue jeans
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If you want to bridge between the formal atmosphere and the casual work outfit, a pair of dark blue or brown jeans should be one of your work wardrobe essentials. A dark shade will give your legs some slim and professional silhouette.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket
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As an alternative to the office sweater, get yourself a bomber jacket. A traditional cardigan is sweet and professional, but for an urban office worker in a startup or a creative industry, this looks like something from grandma’s material. A versatile bomber jacket will be a good replacement.

Reversible Dress

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For a busy day where you have to work but also travel or hangout with your friends after work hours, you can choose to wear a versatile shift dress that you can wear inside out. An easy and practical hack to stay fashionable all the time!


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Leggings are just so comfortable that you might want to wear them everywhere. But you can make it true by wearing some leggings that are comfortable as workout pants but also as the pants for your formal attire.

High-Performing Technical Dress

Technical dress
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If you have to wear a slightly more formal  or dressy outfit for an after-work cocktail party, get some professional and stylish technical dress instead of a silk dress that has less functions.

High Tops

High tops
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Wearing heels to work is so old school and probably sexist for many women who doesn’t feel comfortable with it but were forced to in the past. So the past decades, flat shoes have been on the rise. Flats are comfortable, but for the style? High tops are the best.

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