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The Types of Lipstick That You Should Know

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Are you the one who can not distinguish the different types of lipstick on the market? And you fell hard to find the most appropriate? It’s time to become a ‘real woman’. Here are the types of lipstick that you should know.

  1. Liquid Lipstick


As the name suggests, this type of lipstick produces a liquid that fills in a tube and alternatively brushes the applicator to daub it. Liquid lipstick is a girl who wants a practical lip gloss.

  1. Belaka Lipstick


Sheer textured lipstick does not have strong pigmentation. If it is applied, the color will not protect all natural lips, just add a little hue. This type of lipstick usually has a high moisturizing content to keep the lips moist, like lip balm.

  1. Satin Lipstick


Like Belaka lipstick, satin lipstick has a damp texture and does not provide full coverage. Possible colors may look dense, but the compilations embedded in the lips will feel soft and thin, giving a little sparkle and not last long.

  1. Soft Lipstick


Creamy lipstick texture is very comfortable on the lips and is able to provide an intense color with a dew effect. Should apply creamy lipstick using a brush to memulaskan lip liner in a matching color.

  1. Matte Lipstick


Matte textured lipstick is the most admired type of lipstick because it is highly pigmented, durable and not shiny at all.

  1. Glossy Lipstick


This one lipstick is the right weapon to achieve a luscious look and fat, because it has a fresh effect and make the lips look more complete.

  1. Cold Lipstick


Cold lipstick or also called pearlescent lipstick is a lipstick with a deep shimmer sprinkling, generally in a soft texture. When applied, this lipstick will coat the lips with silvery nuances and give a cool look that does not always match with everyone.

  1. Lip Stain / Lip Tint


Created to beautify the color of your lips, give it a thicker, longer-lasting color, but not full of lipstick. The majority of lip tint or liquid lip color, but there are also in the form of pencils, markers or creams.

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