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How to Make Eyebrows With 8 Easy Stages

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When you are dressing up, what is the stage that most troubles you? If shaping your Eyebrows is your answer, this article will help you get the perfect Eyebrows shape. With just 8 stages, you can make Eyebrows with results that look more natural.

Step 1, Eyebrows pencil


Prepare an Eyebrows pencil according to the color you want to match the character of your face. Want a brown or black Eyebrows pencil.

Step 2, Trim Eyebrows Hair


If you want looks thick, thin, or bald though, your Eyebrows hair must be trimmed before you start to form Eyebrows. Prepare a special brush of Eyebrows and comb to the bottom.

Step 3, Define the curve


Curious with makeup artist tricks make a symmetrical curve between the left and right Eyebrows? First determine the point of the arch. Take a makeup brush or pen, position it next to the nostrils.

Step 4, Make Eyebrows by Framing


After knowing the top of the arch of the Eyebrows, use an Eyebrows pencil you normally use. Thunder the outer edges of the upper Eyebrows slowly. Make sure the color of the Eyebrows pencil used is the appropriate color.

Step 5, Fill Inside the Eyebrows


To fill the inside of the Eyebrows, you can use the same pencil. However, the best results can be obtained if you use a gel-shaped or pomade Eyebrows product. In addition to the color is more attached, this type of Eyebrows product will give the illusion of thicker Eyebrows hair.

Step 6, Use Foundation To Make The Groove Grower More Soft


This is the stage that is not known when will make Eyebrows, especially for those who are just learning grooming. Foundation used was thin-thin course. Use the makeup brush in a circular motion.

Step 7, Give The Eyebrows Hood Illusion


Eyebrows hair that has been filled with gel / pomade will usually duck or stick to the skin. Use the spoolie and Eyebrows hair comb following the growing direction.

Step 8, Complete With Concealer


Concealer is not only useful to cover the stain. Concealer is also useful for making curved Eyebrows lines look neat.

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