Best wedding skinny suit for men

Best Wedding Skinny Suit for Men

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Skinny fit suits will always make a great impression, especially on your wedding day. It is a classic style that comeback to spice up your look. The best skinny suit for you is the one that the seam connecting the body of your suit to your sleeves should fall along your shoulder. Your suit is also should fall to the curve or your buttocks, and when your arms are down beside you, you should be able to cup the side of your suit jacket.
Most Suits require a fists worth of room between you and the jacket. Most of skinny suits have only one or two buttons to make sure that your waist is nipped in as much as possible without the suit straining against your chest. Check out these best wedding skinny suits to inspire you below.

Blue Mini Check Skinny Suit

Blue mini check skinny suit

This suit is designed to create a skinny fit and made in a fine blue check pattern. The single breasted suit jacket with two button fastening and peak lapel and matching trousers is great for your big day.

Skinny Fit Glacier Blue Suit

Skinny fit glacier blue suit

If you want to look sharp on your wedding day, this suit will work best. The jacket is narrow through the chest, arms and waist and the trousers taper sharply down the legs.

Skinny Fit Dusty Pink Suit

Skinny fit dusty pink suit

This suit is easy to wear and the 3-piece design will ensure you look smart. The skinny fit is designed to give you a crisp outline because it’s cut to sit close to your body.

Skinny Fit Sage Suit

Skinny fit sage suit

For an on-trend and smart outfit, choose a checked shirt and a silk tie in a pastel shade; mid blue, pink.

Skinny Fit Glacier Blue Double Breasted Suit

Skinny fit glacier blue double breasted suit

This skinny suit is featuring straight pockets, small peak lapels and matching light blue buttons. Add a silk tie with an eye-catching pattern.

Skinny Fit Light Blue Crepe Suit

Skinny fit light blue crepe suit

This close-fitting style is fit and create a sharp, and contemporary silhouette. Worn an extra slim fit shirt to get the perfect look.

Skinny Fit Black Suit

Skinny fit black suit

This suit is right on trend. Complete your look by selecting matching trousers and waistcoat.

Peformance Bright Blue Pindot Suit

Peformance bright blue pindot suit

The narrow fit and sharp lines of this skinny fit jacket create a slim silhouette that hits the mark of your wedding day.

Skinny Fit Black Tuxedo

Skinny fit black tuxedo

Suit with satin-smooth peak lapels and a single button fastening seals the day.

Skinny Fit Blue Lagoon Suit

Skinny fit blue lagoon suit

Take the blue to the next level with a mid-blue shirt and a patterned navy tie.


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