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Best Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Season and Style

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Dress is one of the proper clothes to wear when you are a wedding guest. Brocade dress, pastel or floral dress are so elegant on you. Today, we’are going to share some pretty dress ideas for you to wear in attending wedding party in all seasons. Let’s check the pictures!

Boat Neck Floral Dress

1. floral dress
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Wedding usually can be identical with flowers. It can be reflected a happiness of the couple on their happy day. So, you can bring the happiness through your floral dress and your presence in the wedding ceremony of your best friend as a nice gift for her.

Mermaid Dress

2. mermaid
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Having an elegant look at a wedding party surely allows you to be confident. Yea, a mermaid dress can help you to have  impression of simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Pleated Dress

3. pleated
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If you are a quite confused about choosing the right dress for the ceremony and reception, a pleated dress is simply nice for both.

Simple Batwing Dress

4. batwing
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Wearing a batwing dress with statement earrings are so pretty look. Then, apply soft makeup such a nude color to make your look perfect.

Sweetheart Brocade Dress

5. brocade
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A luxurious brocade dress is so pretty with sweetheart style. It will be your best dress in attending a wedding party.

Red Velvet at Night

6. velvet
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For the reception at night, a velvet red dress will be perfect and beautiful on you. The soft texture and bold color are fit to wear in attending a wedding reception. Just combine it with black ankle tied so that you’ll be more confident.

Simple Pastel Dress

7. pastel dress
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Applying pastel color overall on you is nice to attend a wedding ceremony. Plain pastel looks simple but exquisite to have.

High-Low Dress

8. high low dress
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You’ll look so lovely and girly by wearing a high-low dress. The soft blue lace is perfect to be combined with bun hair style.


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