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Men’s Fashion Tips to Look Stylish and Attractive

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To look attractive, men only enough to meet the 3 conditions, namely clean, neat, fragrant. If you have fulfilled all three, undoubtedly the college students will be interested in you. This time seasionoutfit want to invite friends, especially the guy to look stylish without seeming excessive when hangout. The following are Men’s Fashion Tips to Look Stylish and Attractive

  1. Plaid shirt never fails to make you appear edgy


Plaid shirts or tartan shirts are the obligatory items that should be in your wardrobe. It is true that the shirt model never fails in any body type, either thin or fat. You can combine it with a casual t-shirt in it.

  1. Combine a plain white shirt with blue jeans


It’s time to take out your white shirt and mix it with blue jeans. Neat and clean impression can be immediately felt.

  1. Just have one or two good quality belts to support your appearance.


Perfection of appearance can you dapet with wear a good belt. Have a basic-themed main belt (not necessarily until the image of skull or helo kiti kok) with the basic color (black, brown, gray) so that the outfit you wear the more good looks.

  1. Clean shoes 


Basically having two pairs of shoes is enough, a pair for a relaxed activity, a pair again for a semi formal event.

  1. Slim Fit Jacket


Do you know, wearing a jacket that slim fit looks much better than a jacket that oversize.

  1. Wear your batik


Select pieces of batik that fit the body, avoid motives that are too crowded, and prioritize the short-sleeved.

  1. Do not hesitate to wear your sweater


Sweater or cardigan is the key for you who want to look cool.

  1. Wear analog watches


The Men who wear watches, especially wear analog ones, will look 10x more cool. They seem to be a dynamic, timely and collaborative person.

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