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10 Male Mustache Models that You Should Know

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I’m sure there are a lot of men who don’t know the name of the models of male mustache. For that I’ ll give you knowledge about the mustache models, I have made a summary of the 10 male mustache models that you should know. Check it out.

  1. Chevron


The chevron mustache model was very popular in the 70s and 80s. The shape is wide and thick in the middle.

  1. Dali


The mustache model that was taken and inspired by Salvador Dali is quite unique. The shape is thin and extends outwards.

  1. English


This mustache model is also quite unique. Mustache is allowed to grow a little long, but on the side of the corner is formed towards the top. Less mustache hairs in the middle and upper lip.

  1. Fu Manchu


This style has the shape of a full mustache and straight down, usually longer than the chin. What is interesting about this mustache is that of the Mongols originating from China.

  1. Handlebar


Mustache model is very full of small points at the end. The name of this mustache is inspired from bicycle’s handlebars. Some people also mention the mustache of this model with the name spaghetti mustache.

  1. Horseshoe


The style of this mustache is almost the same as the handlebar, but actually different. Mustache is formed vertically downward from the tip of the mouth to the chin, and some even extend it below the chin.

  1. Imperial


The shape of the imperial mustache is made up of beard hair growing from above the lips and cheeks and its shape is curled upward. This form is thought to date from the late 19th century.

  1. Lampshade


This mustache model is a new form of male mustache. The shape is the same length with the lips, so if you want to style lampshade, do not let the hair of the mustache exceeds the length of the lips.

  1. Painter’s Brush


Painter’s brush is almost similar to paint brush so named. At the tip a bit dull and rounded. The lampshade model is a variation of the shape of this model.

  1. Pencil


Just as the name suggests, the shape of this mustache is thin as drawn with a pencil. If you want to have a mustache of this model, you must grow a little mustache on the lips and there is a gap in the middle.

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