8 Kinds of Muslim Women’s Clothing

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  1. Types of Muslim women’s clothing | Islam is very concerned about the clothes of his people, men and women have their own rules. Clothing of adherents of Islam must surely cover each other’s genitals, men and women in Islam have different genitals boundaries. But about the type and model is released as long as it is still reasonable and not excessive or luxury. Here are some types of Muslim women’s clothing commonly used by Muslim women from various countries.
  2. Hijab


Hijab may be the most famous in Indonesia, even in the world. Hijab is usually a rectangular cloth that is folded and used to cover the hair and head.

  1. Khimar


Khimar is a common term used for a woman’s head covering. Khimar stretched out to cover the upper part of the woman’s body to the waist.

  1. Abaya


Abaya is like a cloak for women who are usually worn over other clothes while in public. Abaya is usually made of black synthetic fiber but sometimes also decorated with some embroidery or beads as decoration. Abaya is usually combined with a veil or veil. This type of muslim clothing is widely used by women from the Persian Gulf.

  1. Chador


Chador is a robe that is used to cover the woman’s body from top to bottom. Usually this chador is used by women in Iran without a veil.

  1. Jilbab


Jilbab is somewhat similar to the abaya but has a difference in the very long fabric and can cover the female body from head to bottom.

  1. Niqab


Niqab is a veil that is usually worn by some Muslim women to cover the face. Often used with abaya.

  1. Burqa


A kind of veil that covers most of the female body including the eyes.

  1. Shalwar kameez



Shalwar kameez is usually known as Pakistani Shirt, this type of clothing is not only worn by women but also men.<!– 1523543157341 –>

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