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Best Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin

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There are still plenty of lipstick color choices for other brown skins that can be tried and applied to various situations, both casual and formal. Bold and dark colors are also ideal to apply to dark-skinned women.

For those of you who are looking for a lipstick color that matches your skin tone, in this case brown, here are some lists of lipstick colors that can be considered.

Natural Color


Natural colors can be the best choice for brown-skinned women. Lipstick color will give a natural look on the lips and make the face so much brighter and fresh. Some pretty popular natural color choices are Nude, Pink, salmon, and Peach.



If you want to look a little bolder and look brighter, Peach can be a consideration for you to choose. Peach became one of the color choices of lipstick for tan skin which is quite popular among women.



Bronze is selected when you want to display the impression of ‘mature’ or adult. Bronze is also suitable if combined with dark clothes such as black, can add an exclusive impression.

Dark Brown


Just like the Bronze, Dark Brown is also ideal for women who have brown skin to apply, especially when attending formal party events or dinners.

Light brown


If dark brown is less suitable for you, maybe the color of Brown Chocolate Light can be a successor. Bright chocolate is one of the colors of lipstick for tan skin which is widely used by women when only want to look minimalist in their daily life.



Magenta may not give a bright or bright effect, but this color will actually give a more profound effect. Although it tends to be dark when compared to Pink, Magenta once again gives a sexy and beautiful effect



Pink is an ideal choice for those of you who want to look more feminine. Pink also can synergize well even if you use natural makeup. Your face becomes more beautiful, bright, and fascinating.



red is the color of lipstick commonly used by most women, both for makeup daily, casual events, and official events. Red will display the impression of beautiful as well as luxurious.


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