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Woman’s Hair Color Trends in 2018

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Ready for a new look, Ladies? Warm colors of blond, shades of brown, gold or blue ombré, bright colors from pastels to dark purple, there are so many hair color trends to choose from when we start the new year. You may be tempted to try new hair color every year! Here are hair color trends in 2018, Please read the following article.

  1. Ash Brown


Trying a brown ash color is a great choice if you want a gray but not yet bold color with a too gray color. This color will fit if you have a cool pink color with a pink color

  1. Golden Brown


Luxurious impression will be instantly felt when you change the hair color to golden brown. Suitable for you who are lively and active.

  1. Ombre – Blonde


Tips for you who try this color, clean the hair remained black, for a beautiful gradation effect you can get.

4. Ice Blonde


Blond hair color trends will not go anywhere! If you are thinking of really wanting to try this trend, you should be prepared to face more than 500% of hair that has chemicals on hair and more.

  1. Warm Blonde


With so much ice blonde that helps keep their hair cool, it’s refreshing to have yellowish-blond hair like Emma Stone. The blond color Emma uses like yellow butter, not brassy.

  1. Ombre – Blue


The blue will never go out of style! If you have not dared to ombre with bright colors, blue color could be your choice! The blue color of the hair will retain the original color of your hair!

  1. Gray


The next hair color trends are gray. Many hairstylish that use the technique of athlete highlights balayage and babylights, to get bright colors and beautiful dimensions. Let the hair root color stay dark, then you will have a beautiful shade of gradation.

  1. Purple


Purple hair color is many of variations, you can also add a pink or peach color to make the color brighter.



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